Modest and down to earth

Our facilities are centred around sauna and steam culture, meaning that cleanliness and practicality are among the most important aspects taken into consideration when designing them.

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four steam rooms

We offer four steam rooms of variable temperatures ranging from 30 to 110 degrees Celcius! Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced steamer, you will find something just right for you! Lower temperature are great for extended sittings, whereas hotter rooms should be enjoyed in moderation. Don’t take our word for it though, try it yourself! 

warm up
New Docklands Russian Banya and Steam Baths Steam Room
New Docklands Russian Banya And Steam Baths Venik

Traditional russian BAnya

Our bath house wouldn’t be complete without our traditional Russian Banya. Designed for both wet and dry heat session, this Eastern Slavic steam bath will get you warmed up in minutes! Don’t forget your venik! 

get hot

outdoor plunge pool

Fancy a cold dip in open air? We’ve got you covered! Enjoy our outside plunge pool after a hot steam session in the Banya. There’s nothing more satisfying than a breath of fresh air after a cold bath. 

cool down
New Docklands Russian Banya And Steam Baths Plunge Pool
New Docklands Russian Banya and Steam Baths Indoor Plunge Pool

Indoor plunge pool

After you’ve warmed up,  you’ll naturally want to cool down. We thought about that. Our refrigerated plunge pool, with temperature between 5 -7 degrees Celcius will certainly make you feel alive! Cold baths after steaming also improve your circulation and allow your muscles to release any remains of tension in your body. 

get really cold

lovely bistro

Steam and water will make you hungry. It’s a fact! Our little bistro offers home made and nutritious dishes to complete your steaming experience. Our chef Paula’s cooking will make you feel like you’re part of the family and our selection of Eastern European snacks and drinks will certainly top off your Banya experience!

eat and drink
New Docklands Russian Banya And Steam Baths Community

Private hire

Our facilities will be available for private hire on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10th August 2020. Prices start at £280 for up to 20 people (£14 per person). Follow the link below to find out more. 

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