The new 'normal'

We have all been missing the Banya & Steam Rooms not to mention the Café offerings during the Covid-19 enforced closure of our facilities. For many of our regular visitors this will have been the longest period of not being able to Schmeiss or Venik and enough to put a toll on both our physical and mental wellbeing.

As the only real Bath House facility and recognised knowledge base, New Docklands is therefore delighted to be able to produce guidance to help ensure the safe return to the facilities now we are allowed to open once again.

Our first priority remains the safety of everyone visiting our facilities, be they participants, our staff, or volunteers. We will at all times be led by the latest government guidance and regulations.


When we reopen, it will not be a case of ‘business as usual’ and know that things will have to be different, but if we are to play our part in protecting the NHS from another wave of Covid-19 admissions, it is important we follow and adjust to the new ‘normal’.

Please do see the new arrangements associated with the New Docklands Russian Banya & Steam Baths to ensure we can all continue to enjoy the place we love. 

Wayne Gruba 

New Docklands Russian Banya and Steam Baths 

COvid-19 Guidelines

Showing symptoms?

Do not come to our facilities if you are showing any symptoms of Covid-19 (temperature, cough, difficulty breathing, or anosmia e.g. loss of taste or smell)


Arrive and leave on time

All areas will be cleaned and disinfected at the end of each session. No customers will be allowed to stay on premises between sessions. You will be asked to leave at the end of your session

Sanitising stations

Use hand sanitiser stations available onsite. Make sure you do so as often as possible. This will significantly reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmissions

Book in advance

You'll have to book your session online before visiting. It’s safe and easy and will reduce unnecessary contact, protecting you and our staff

Social distancing

Whilst in the building, please follow our guidance on social distancing, direction of travel and risk control measures - pay attention to the rules for each area

do not touch

Physical contact

Please try and limit physical contact with other users whenever possible.

temperature check

As one of our safety measures we’ll be taking temperature readings from every visitor upon arrival. This will involve an infrared thermometer reading on the forehead. If your temperature is deemed too high you will not be permitted entry to the baths and your payment will be refunded

strict safety measures

Sanitisation and biomisting

In order to further reduce the risk of Covid-19 transitions, we’ll be sanitising and biomisting our facilities after every session. No customers will be allowed in the building as the cleaning process takes place. It is a health and safety requirement and you will be asked to leave at the end of your session. 

biomisting explained

social distancing zones

Please be advised that we’ve divided our facilities into 12 Zones in line with our strict social distancing rules. Zones are clearly marked and are to be occupied by three users only at any given time. You may be asked to move should this number be exceeded.

keep apart
Online Card Payment

Importance of online bookings

Our new online booking system allows us to control the number of visitors per session. The limit is currently set to 30 people and will be strictly followed. Please be aware that you will need to book before visiting. 

plan your visit