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A Bath house?

New Docklands Russian Banya & Steam Baths is one of the last standing bath houses in London and the UK. We offer a selection of traditional Turkish-style steam rooms, authentic Russian Banya and cold plunge pools. Known for its simplicity, unmatched heat and great sense of community, our bathing experience is like no other! We’re open to everyone who appreciates a good steam, with absolutely no exceptions. 

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Communal bathing

Communal bathing dates back to the ancient times and has a long and vibrant history not only in the capital but also other major cities in the UK. Having developed a more private and clinical approach to bathing, however, we’ve lost this very important fundament of community life, which once was a platform for social exchange. 

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New Docklands Russian Banya And Steam Baths Communal Bathing

our history

Established in 1977 with a very strong presence in the boxing community, it developed and evolved over the years to become a Charitable Trust which offers a place of respite for members of various groups, all of whom stand united in their appreciation of good steam – a fully inclusive community, where status, origin and background don’t matter. 

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Our Mission

Creating an open and inclusive community space that promotes wellbeing and self-care. A place free of judgement, division and prejudice, which supports individuals from all backgrounds in reaching their true potential.

Our Approach

Our facilities are designed to promote healthy approach to stress management in addition to being a very unique community hub and creating a unique sense of belonging. 

Our Core Values

We try our very best to improve lives of individuals in the local community. We achieve this through relying on values of Inclusion, diversity, equality and respect. 

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