"Traditional Turkish Baths - with a bit of Russian thrown in!"

In London’s industrial heart there’s an oasis of calm, relaxation and conviviality where you can enjoy all the health benefits of a traditional Turkish baths – with a bit of Russian thrown in!

Here you can sweat out the week’s grime in the steam rooms, relax aching muscles and joints in the sauna or chill out in the ice-cold plunge.

You can have your skin whipped within an inch of its life in the schmeissing room, or pummelled then gently massaged on one of the massage slabs, or you can find out what the true meaning of invigoration is by being beaten with bundles of leafy birch twigs in the Russian room. But don’t be daunted: you go at your own pace and do as much or as little as you like.

And when you’re feeling rejuvenated and better than you’ve felt for longer than you can remember, you can go upstairs, take a breather, grab a bite to eat or a drink in the café, watch some TV, check out the free-use internet, or put your feet up and fall asleep in the comfortable lounge chairs. All for a maximum entry price of £16.

Now, can you really think of anywhere else in London that offers you so much good value? No, nor can we. So maybe see you soon, then.